Our Process

We believe you bring a unique set of circumstances, requiring time to resolve. Time to listen and understand your concerns. Time to evaluate your assets and income sources. Time to learn your most important objectives. Finally, time to understand your comfort levels as an investor.

We believe this cannot be prudently accomplished in one meeting, but over several:

  • Discovery - The initial meeting is an opportunity for each of us to determine if our services will be a good fit in addressing your objectives.
  • Proposal - At this meeting, we will present our plan for accomplishing your goals, review the probability of its success, offer alternative scenarios, and map out its implementation.
  • Reevaluation - Inevitably, new details come to light, causing the need to recalibrate our recommendations. We will then schedule a follow-up meeting, at which we will present the revised plan. Sometimes this step happens more than once; we will take as much time as necessary.
  • Implementation - If your concerns and questions have been satisfactorily addressed, and the timing is appropriate, we will begin executing your plan. This process may take several weeks or more, depending on the type of accounts involved.
  • Monitor progress - This is the most critical step in our process. Although planning is important, the real-world execution of a plan is the long-term key to its success. We feel that it is absolutely essential to meet regularly with you to review the plan's progress. Depending on the scope of the relationship, this may happen as often as quarterly, but minimally on an annual basis.

Although some might feel this adds unnecessary steps, our belief is that it's time well spent. You see, as financial advisors, our most important mandate is to Know Our Clients. Although life offers no guarantees, taking the time to learn as much as we can about you minimizes the potential blind spots in your plan.